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Focus On Talents: Random Love Cube Rolls for Intentional Love Roles with Paul Zolman

January 30, 2024 Amber Stitt
The Amber Stitt Show
Focus On Talents: Random Love Cube Rolls for Intentional Love Roles with Paul Zolman
Show Notes

🎙️ On this heartwarming episode of The Amber Stitt Show, we're diving deep into the transformative power of love with our esteemed guest, Paul Zolman, an entrepreneur, former CFO, and author of "The Role of Love", who believes that love, when practiced intentionally, can profoundly impact both personal growth and business success.

🎲 Join Amber and Paul as they explore Paul's innovative love languages game that encourages families to connect on a deeper level. Discover how a simple cube can guide daily interactions through acts of love, and how practicing love languages can lead to personal transformation and stronger relationships.

💼 But this conversation isn't just for families; it's for anyone looking to bring more love into their workplace. Paul shares insights on why nurturing kind leadership and fostering an environment of appreciation is more effective than monetary incentives in promoting employee engagement and happiness.

✨ Hear about Paul's upbringing in a disruptive family and his journey toward choosing love over anger, and how this has influenced his mission to shift the focus from finding faults to recognizing positive attributes in people.

💡 Amber Stitt, with her background in consulting, Gallup StrengthsFinder certification, and as an insurance and business specialist, adds her perspective on respecting individual differences and fostering a team culture of understanding, while Paul introduces us to "surprise me" day, emphasizing the impact of random acts of kindness.

💌 Tune in to this inspiring episode and join The Amber Stitt Show community as we embrace the concept of love not just as an emotion, but as a catalytic force for good in our families, businesses, and society.

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