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Focus On Money: Farsighted, Visionary Banking & Finance with Brian Pillmore

January 16, 2024 Amber Stitt
The Amber Stitt Show
Focus On Money: Farsighted, Visionary Banking & Finance with Brian Pillmore
Show Notes

In this riveting episode, host Amber Stitt sits down with financial and banking expert Brian Pillmore. They delve into the complexities of banking and insurance, and how transparency can pave the way for better decision-making and financial stability.

Join us as Brian Pillmore unveils the intricacies of his bank intelligence action system and how data science, powered by machine learning, can predict bank failures using key indicators. Discover why a deep dive into insurance companies and banks' balance sheets can provide stability in the volatile world of finance, and learn how interest rates affect bond prices in real-world scenarios.

Silicon Valley Bank's recent illiquity crisis serves as a case study for this discussion, highlighting the impact of economic activities, depositor behavior, and investment strategies on the stability of financial institutions.

Brian shares top tips to ensure your financial security, including how to protect your assets by staying within FDIC insurance limits. He also discusses why national and super-regional banks are a safer haven due to their substantial capitalization and stringent regulations.

Amber emphasizes the importance of scenario planning, taking a critical look at traditional financial planning, and exploring alternatives like long-term care options within whole life insurance policies.

This episode is packed with insights on financial planning, risk mitigation, and leveraging technology like blockchain to enhance transparency and trust in banking and insurance contracts.

**Featured Topics:**

- Data science and key indicators to predict bank failures

- The inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices

- A deep dive into the Silicon Valley Bank illiquidity scenario

- The importance of data in the current economy

- Insurance policy analysis and financial decision-making

- Brian Pillmore's approach to navigating financial security in banking

- The stability of insurance company balance sheets

- Unpacking the 2008 recession versus current economic challenges

- Embracing blockchain technology in financial sectors

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