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Physician Edition: What are Non-Disabling Injury Riders?

August 09, 2022 Amber Stitt
The Amber Stitt Show
Physician Edition: What are Non-Disabling Injury Riders?
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Scott and I discuss Ameritas' Non-Disabling Injury Rider and how someone may use this if they sustain an injury...that doesn't disable them!

There are certainly some interesting stories from Scott in here.

If you are using this benefit, this will not raise your rates. Most people think this works like car insurance where if you have an injury and report that, your rates go up.

This isn't true. It is an interesting feature and could be nice to have! This isn't offered in all states and it isn't available with any other carrier at this time.

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I had a number of clients who think about Non-Disabling Injury Benefit, which is kind of unique and kind of nice and there is a purpose behind the design and implementation of it is it comes in to actually pay you, as a consumer policyholder, up to 50% of the benefit that you originally bought not to exceed $3,000 per incident and it is not dependent whatsoever on what's your health insurance company.

So, example one of my clients came to Vail and ended up with the three separate shoulder drug down a mountain whiskey patrol bundling and sent him back and on his way with the four belts on his own jumping off at $75. That's a statement of cost.

So we turn over a $4,000 bill and the client gets $3,000 back, so the thing about that feature that I think is interesting is the one.

I had a client, I think to get close to $2,000 within a six-month window with a torn ACL and a broken bone for the other so that's a nice one to have. And you don't have to worry about giving the money back to the insurance company. It's really proven dollar for dollar up to $3,000.

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It is and what else just serves as a delivery representation. If you have a Non-Disabling Benefit, no matter how small that claim might be. Always call our submit a claim. Anytime somebody getting a tiny little Christmas tree or somebody getting some poison ivy cream is still an accident.

Another individual had an esophagus burn from eating hot sauce, hot sauce, dipped into some ghost peppers or something. So it may or may not feel like a claim, but if you incur expenses and 11 an illness you ought to call the interesting thing about the Non-Disabling Injury Rider is that it covers natural teeth. So if you bite on a piece of candy and break a tooth, you can actually call up and fill the claim for that unfortunate piece of candy event.

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