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Physician's Edition: What is a COBRA Rider?

May 17, 2022 Amber Stitt
The Amber Stitt Show
Physician's Edition: What is a COBRA Rider?
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In this episode, Scott and I discuss how a COBRA rider would work for you if you were disabled and had to get health care through a COBRA plan.

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Hello, in today's Physician Edition Episode, we are covering the COBRA Rider. This is an ancillary feature offered on one of the big six insurance contracts. This will explain how it works. I hope you enjoy Scott's going to discuss the Cobra benefit.

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Yeah, so COBRA Benefit is typically associated with employers' health insurance. You know we all know this if you're employed with a group, hospital. If you ever leave, you get an extension. It's called COBRA.

And what happens is the employer says we're no longer paying for your health insurance. Now you're 100% responsible. A lot of people ask him well, how does that apply to disability insurance? Well, if you're employed as a physician, and you have a disability contract, and all of a sudden you become disabled due to an illness or an injury, after a period of time, your employer is gonna look at you and say, Hey, we love you. We enjoyed having you here. But we need somebody to do this work. And so they're gonna release you from your employment. At that moment, they no longer are subsidizing your health insurance and all that comes onto your plate.

Now, as an employee who is separated from service, there are as many as about 18 months of continuation you can do. And what these COBRA benefits do is they come in and say in addition to your monthly benefit, we're willing to pay up to an extra $1,000 a month. So if your benefits cost $800 A month, the insurance company will reimburse you 800. If your insurance costs were $1,200, then they'll reimburse up to $1,000. And it's nice because that is an addition to your monthly benefit may not be a reason why you say I want to buy this contract. But if it's nice, it's a nice perk.

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